Dear newly-weds,
If you are looking for a wedding photographer, you can read the article to get to know me and how I work.

Wedding photography prices and wedding day story.

A wedding photography offer may involve many services and depend on many factors. You can get acquainted with the basic packages and prices for wedding photography I offer from here, as well as you can see photographs with whole weddings from here.
Before the long-awaited wedding day, it is important to meet the future newly-weds at a pre-arranged meeting. During this, we will discuss your ideas, how you want the day to unfold, what locations we will be shooting, coming up together with a vision for the artistic photo session, the necessary accessories and objects to be provided in advance, as well as numerous other details about the wedding, which are going to generate pleasant experiences and emotions on the big day.
Each wedding is unique with its own character and agenda but usually begins with documenting the preparations of the groom and bride, an art photo session during the wedding day, a civil union ceremony and/or church ritual, welcome drink, official photographs with the guests and finally a party at a restaurant. Of course, the wedding day can unfold quite differently and I expect you to share ideas to make your wedding story unforgettable.

Сватбен Фотограф София

My style and way of working in wedding photography.

I believe wedding photography is much more than good equipment, but I also consider that in order for a wedding photographer to ensure limitless possibilities during the wedding day, exceptional equipment is needed to enhance his/her full potential, vision and imagination.
I use the highest class equipment – cameras, lenses, flashes, radio synchronizers, softboxes, stands, filters, accessories and other photographic devices.

Subsequent processing of the images includes selection, editing of all shots, retouching and artistic processing of selected pictures. The whole process is carried out and managed exclusively by the photographer. The number of pictures varies depending on the event, its complexity, workload, etc. The number of images given to the client is limited, numbering on average 50-80 photographs/hour. The photographs are handed over to the client via email using a Digital download delivery link and/or via USB Flash Drive in JPEG format. The time for performance of the photography services and handover of wedding photos is up to 30, 40 business days and this thing is stated in advance with the newlyweds. Wedding photography packages include personal transport.

Generally, I am willing not to publish the photographs from a given event, if the client asks for privacy and confidentiality. Such a condition needs to be agreed during the preliminary talks and meetings before the event itself but I reserve the right at my own discretion to accept or refuse such commitments.

For wedding celebrations, photo sessions or events outside Bulgaria, please, submit an inquiry through the Contacts section.
The best way to describe my style is a mixture between documentary and fine-art photography – reporting-type images capturing natural smiles with modern, artistic photography.
I am a member of international associations and organizations for wedding photography and participate regularly in their monthly competitions and contests.

сватбен фотограф

Photographic services.

Wedding photography prices and packages in the site are basic. If it’s impossible for you to meet live before the wedding to discuss the details around the celebration, we can see and talk over the phone via a video conference call. We will discuss your wishes on the wedding day, and then I will send you an email with a specific individual offer. The offer may contain some of the following services:

Wedding photo books and photo prints: The partners I have chosen to work with specialize in the field of photo printing and the materials used for the photo books are of the highest quality on the market. The books are 100% hand-made. The digital photos from your event together with the photo book keep your memories alive for many, many years. Options for photo printout and photographs on Kapafix for walls in any size.
If the client chooses a service, which includes a photo book, a digital project is also produced. This includes photographs of the event of your choice, as well as cover and page design customized for each client. After the design is completed, an email invitation is sent to review the album through the Cloud Proofing platform. This type of communication is reliable and flexible, facilitating changes and feedback on the album. Following your approval of the project, the photo album is submitted for printing. The time for production of the photo book after design approval is between 10 and 20 business days. The photo books have a leather cover with custom design and solid pages from inside (choice of materials such as matte, silk, gloss, metallic), 30x30cm (closed book) with 30 pages. Options for other book sizes as well as additional spreads.

Love story: The romantic photographs for pre-wedding and post-wedding photo sessions are often taken in parks, in natural environment, in an urban surrounding or simply your favorite special place. The images may be used for photo books, photo walls, wedding invitations, wedding websites, slideshow-surprise for wedding guests and etc. The photo sessions predispose couples to new emotions and great adventures. In addition, the bride and groom are introduced to the photographer’s way and style of work, which is plus on the wedding day when the excitement comes to a halt.

годежна фотосесия софия

Wedding slideshow: The wedding slideshow in Beat-Matching mode is a short video with music and photographs of the wedding/photo session (engagement, post-wedding – Love Story). A nice extra and a budget option for newly-weds in case they do not want video recording of their wedding. The photographs in the slides follow the rhythm of music in Beat-Matching mode. Technical characteristics of the slideshow (video): HD 1080p 30fps 16:9.

Explore wedding slideshows from here.

If you have not yet met my work you can browse some of the most exciting wedding photos in a portfolio from here.

I’d be delighted to meet you and talk about your wedding. You can contact me via the Contact tab or here.
For direct contact: +359 888 381 318.

Lubomir Jiponov