My photograph from the 2018 season won first place in one of the most prestigious and respectable platforms for wedding photography in the world. Professional wedding photographers from around the world participate in monthly competitions at SLR Lounge, where the first stage is uploading a photograph, followed by a review and possible approval by the team, with a very strict filtering out and only then the photograph is published and voted for by the other photographers on the website. At the end of each month, regardless of the ratings by other registered photographers, the curators of the platform, who are some of the leading figures in wedding photography decide and assess which photographs deserves an award. I am extremely happy that one of my photographs was awarded the Apex Award („The Apex award is reserved for the top 1% of images submitted on SLR Lounge Awards“). I also have other photographs which have been uploaded and published on the platform but have not won an award so far!
I would like to thank Ivo and Vanya Nikolovi and their great friends and loved ones for the emotions and wonderful mood they helped generate during the wedding day!

най-добрите сватбени фотографи

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My photograph was also selected among the best wedding photographs of 2018 on the SLR Lounge platform The very best wedding images in 2018.