Some of the most sought after and preferred churches for church marriage in Sofia are “St.Nedelya”, “St.Sofia” and “Vyzdvizhenie na Svetiya Kryst Gospoden“. It is no coincidence that these are my 3 favorites for temples when it comes to photos and wedding photography.

1. Church Saint Nedelya

The Saint Nedelya Cathedral is located in the center of Sofia, at 20 Sveta Nedelya Square, next to the Balkan Hotel. Exquisite, picturesque church with many beautiful frescoes. Every time I photograph a wedding or baptism in this church, I am impressed by the kind attitude of the temple clergy towards all guests and visitors. The church wedding ceremony is extremely solemn and majestic.

2. Church Saint Sofia

The Church of St. Sofia, also known as the Wisdom of God, is located at 2 Paris Street, next to St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. Spacious and lovely, suitable for wedding ceremonies. The location is logistically convenient, not only in the center of the capital, but also because of the possibility to park cars in the blue city zone in the immediate vicinity. Church weddings take place within 20-25 minutes.

3. Church “Vyzdvizhenie na Svetiya Kryst Gospoden“

The new Orthodox church opens its doors for worship to all Christians in 2017. It is located in Lozenets district on James Boucher Blvd. I would describe the church as charming and graceful. The Holy Sacrament of the newlyweds in this temple is solemn and impressive. The whole wedding ceremony is presented carefully and precisely, down to the last detail.

All future newlyweds should keep in mind some important details about the church marriage in Bulgaria, which are prepared in advance, namely:
-Copy of a civil marriage certificate.
-The bride and groom should be orthodoxly baptized and present baptismal certificates to the priests.
-Wedding rings.
-Two large candles with a ribbon in between, bread, oil, red wine and a glass.
Of course, it is advisable to clarify all the details and questions about the church ceremony with the church people conducting the ritual.

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