1. Where is the Church of Saint Sofia located in Sofia, Bulgaria and why to make christening there?

If you have decided to do Holy Baptism for your child soon and you are looking for a professional photographer to shoot the event and you want the church somewhere downtown – you might find this article helpful.
The Church “Saint Sofia” is also known by the name “Wisdom of God” and is supposed to have been built in the IV century. It is a popular fact that exactly the cathedral gave the name Sofia to the city – the capital of present-day Bulgaria. The church is located between the streets of Paris, Moscow and Oborishte, and next to it are the Cathedral of Saint Alexander Nevsky, the Holy Synod, as well as the Monument to the Unknown Soldier. The location is convenient for parking cars and it’s an ideal place for taking photographs before or after the ritual of Holy Baptism. The architecture of the buildings, the maintained streets and alleys, and the green garden behind the National Gallery of Art are favorable factors for beautiful photos with a pleasant and stylish background in them.
If you still want to check out other options for the baptism ceremony (christening) somewhere in downtown Sofia – check out my articles on Saint Nedelya Church and Saint George Church (Rotunda).

2. What is included as a photographic service for the Holy Baptism?

The baptism photography package includes child photos and the whole ritual in the church, official photos with guests and parents, photos with the godfather, a brief photo session of the family before or after the temple ceremony. Of course, the event can continue with photos of the party at the restaurant, as well as printing photo books and prints in any size.

3. Baptism photos (christening) in the church of Saint Sofia in Sofia, Bulgaria:

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