1️⃣ Professionals show only the best of their work.

2️⃣ RAW files: one of the proofs of authorship on the photographs. By default, only the photographer has access to them.

3️⃣ RAW files: can be edited in any number of ways. If they fall into other hands, this leads to risks and can damage the professional reputation of the photographer.

4️⃣ RAW files: starting point in the photo processing work. They contain a huge amount of information and data. Raw files should be the photographer’s trade secret.

5️⃣ RAW files could be provided to the clients, but this is most often done by written agreement between the parties. With clear and well-formed rules for using and distributing the photos.

6️⃣ Clients choose the photographer because of his style and portfolio.

7️⃣ Clients are not interested in the entire photo process, but from the result at the end (the final look of the finished photos).

(Photography tips for beginners)
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RAW files: unprocessed photo files. The raw file contains the image data exactly as captured on camera sensor.

raw or jpeg for clients