Follow these guidelines to find the perfect wedding photographer for your wedding.

1. What wedding photography style do you prefer?

Professional wedding photographers usually practice one or several shooting styles. My style, for example, is a combination of documentary and artistic wedding photography. Take some time to explore and learn about different styles of photography and which one would be best for your wedding.

  • Photo-journalistic style: A documentary style of filming in which the photographer will as little as possible attempt to interfere and direct what happens during the wedding day. It is famous for its natural and unrivaled beauty in the photographs.
  • Classic style: traditional photos taken by the photographer on a wedding checklist made by him or by the newlyweds.
  • Modern style: in short, this style is dramatic and glamorous. The photographer directs and sets the newlyweds to stand in a certain way so that the photograph can be highly appreciated for artistry and creativity. One or more speedlite flashes, additional light-softening equipment, and special photographic items are used to achieve stunning and breathtaking effects.
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2. Search for your wedding photographer online.

In the popular keyword search engines on the internet, write a “wedding photographer” or “wedding photography” to get you the sites of professionals in the that field. You can add a city or country after the keyword to narrow the search. A good wedding photographer usually has enough experience to be able to show you galleries with entire weddings, not just certain frames taken out of a wedding. Think about the budget of your wedding and pay attention to the prices offered by the different photographers you find online.

добър сватбен фотограф

3. Set up an interview.

Even if you like a wedding photographer’s portfolio on the internet, it’s a good idea to meet him and live. Nowadays, people live dynamically and if you do not have the opportunity to have a direct meeting, you can take advantage of social networks and make an interactive video connection. Ask him everything you care about, including prices and wedding photography conditions offered by the professional.

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4. Make sure your personalities mesh.

It is important to get a really good relationship between the photographer and the bride and groom so that both parties can feel comfortable and enjoyable during the wedding. After the meeting, consider whether you have a good impression of him as person, character, manners and way of communication. A good wedding photographer usually asks a lot of questions about the couple and at the same time is a good listener. Its aim is to build a vision for the whole program and the wedding day so that he can do his best to capture the moments between the newlyweds and the guests.

добри сватбени фотографи в българия

5. Book early.

The best wedding photographers in Bulgaria and worldwide can be reserved for a wedding not only months earlier but also 1-2 years. If you’re planning your wedding and have your date set, it’s a good idea to find and book your photographer as soon as possible. He can be a very good counselor and assistant to the newlyweds in the organization and preparations around the event. Do not miss this opportunity.

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