The most suitable and interesting locations in Sofia for a wedding photo shoot

One of the most thrilling moments of the wedding day for the newlyweds is the wedding photo session. A time of romance and affection for the couple, and imagination and opportunities from the photographer. Photographs are usually taken in parks or in nature, as well as in urban architectural environments. In addition to the artistic, classic look of photos with the newlyweds, the photo shoot sometimes also takes extra items and accessories that help make it a more immersive and fun experience. Emotions and mood take their toll and in order to remain great memories need to be selected good enough background for the photos. Here are some suggestions:

1. The Palace Vrana

Vrana Park Museum is a well-known and preferred location for wedding photographers in Sofia. It is located only 11 km from the center of the capital. Because of its elegance, beautiful park alleys, magnificent landscape views, the royal palace and numerous bridges, rock gardens and lakes – this location has no comparability and analog to the vision for a photo shoot in Sofia.

2. Columns of TSUM, Serdica Antique Complex, National Art Gallery

A favorite place for photo shoots is the center of Sofia. On a busy wedding day, the perfect location for photos, purely logistical, of the newlyweds is exactly the line from TSUM to the National Gallery. The arches and columns of the TSUM, combined with the architecture of the modern antique Serdica complex, create a magical sense of the splendor and charm of a long time gone by. The garden behind the National Art Gallery complements the photo album with greenery, age-old trees and pleasant walkways.

3. University Botanical Garden at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”

Under number 3 for wedding photographs in Sofia, I would arrange the location of 49 Moskovska Str. – University Botanical Garden at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. A nice, fresh, green place suitable for photos and relaxation, with a beautiful decor of various plants, trees and flowers. I definitely recommend it to all my newlyweds who want a photo shoot somewhere in the center of the capital.

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