The magic of pregnancy is a dream for many women and families. The beauty of these moments of life can be preserved in the form of photographs forever. The photo session for pregnant women usually takes place within an hour or two, at a pre-selected location. The props, clothes, accessories are specified with the photographer according to the season, location and wishes of the couple. Create happy and unforgettable memories with your loved one during your maternity. The best time for such a photo shoot is in the eighth month of pregnancy. The natural environment emphasizes the tenderness of the future mother and for this reason it is always recommended to take pictures somewhere in nature.
One of my favorite places to shoot is undoubtedly the Palace Park-Museum “Vrana” in Sofia. With Polly and Valio ,I took the pictures right there. Picturesque alleys, wooden bridges, colorful meadows and lakes are just some of the landscape views that can be seen in the park.

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