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How long does processing and hand over of event photographs take?

Up to four (4) months or according to the chosen package.

What is the price for wedding photography if the wedding is shorter than 7 hours?

You can contact me so I can prepare an individual offer.

What will be the format of the photographs I receive?

High resolution JPEG format suitable for printing and low resolution JPEG format for social media.

What does “unlimited number of images” mean?

This means there is no way to know in advance how many photographs will be taken during the event. On average there can be between 50-100 photographs/hour.

How long will the links with photographs sent via email remain active?

Four (4) calendar months. You need to download and save the photographs on your computer/device.

Do you offer video recording services?

No, I do not. I specialize in the field of wedding and portrait photography, but of course I also take pictures at other events and occasions in people’s lives.

How many photographs do I have to choose for the photo book?

There are no limitations; usually it is between 70 and 200 photographs (200+). At the preliminary meeting or talk, I will explain all necessary details about the photo book and its production.

Can we give you photographs by another photographer for you to design and produce a photo album?

No. I am sorry, but I only use my own images for work due to the specialized processing of the files.

Why are images sent in two versions?

Due to the specifics of the end-user’s devices for viewing/ printing photographs. If you upload original size photographs (printable) to social media, probably their quality will be reduced significantly and these may appear blurry and out-of-focus. For this reason, the original size is optimized and reduced to the recommended web resolution in order to appear sharp and focused just like the high resolution printable version on paper or desktop screen.

Can we book an Engagement/Post-wedding photo session with you even though we have/had another photographer for the wedding?

Yes, of course, you can contact me so I can prepare an individual offer and to discuss the details.

We lost the photos from the event / photo shoot, can you provide them again?

Yes I can. Up to 1 (one) year after the date of your event, the restoration of the photos in case of loss is free of charge and I send them via email. When the photographs were taken more than 1 (one) year ago, the cost of restoring the backup of the archive in this case is BGN 85, regardless of the type of photographic service.

We want full privacy of the photos from our wedding event, is that possible?

Yes, it is possible. We need to discuss in advance the conditions and prices for the photo shoot in this case.

What is “Retouch of selected photographs”?

Selected processed photos from the whole gallery: most often these are photographs from the bride’s preparation, the groom’s preparation, the artistic photo session on the wedding day, other shots. Light, fine retouches on the bride’s face (does NOT include retouch that change the shape, volume, structure of the head and body). This type of processing may also include deleting, adding, masking, photo manipulation of photo elements and / or integrating parts of other photographs.
The whole process is carried out and controlled only by the photographer. Price negotiable.

Is it possible to resize photos?

Resizing and optimizing your photographs for social network/website/tv – price negotiable.

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