PHOTOGRAPHY SERVICES: Professional wedding photographer in Sofia, Bulgaria and whole Europe. In addition to wedding photographs and photo sessions, I also offer photography services for christenings, children’s birthday parties, family photo session and family celebrations, birthdays and anniversaries, proms, corporate and business events, conferences, seminars.

EQUIPMENT: I believe wedding photography is much more than good equipment, but I also consider that in order for a wedding photographer to ensure limitless possibilities during the wedding day, exceptional equipment is needed to enhance his/her full potential, vision and imagination.
I use the highest quality professional photography equipment:
* Cameras Canon EOS 5D MARK III
* Lenses Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L II USM, Canon EF 85mm f/1.4L IS USM, Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM, Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM, Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM, Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM
* Portable flashes Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT, Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT II
* Radio synchronizers Canon ST-E3-RT Speedlite Transmitter
* MagMod Flash Diffusers & Light Modifiers for Speedlites
* Softboxes Lastolite EzyBox Hotshoe Kit 54х54cm
* Tripods Manfrotto MK190XPRO4-3W 190 ALU 4-sectional tripod with XPro 3-positional head
* Filters Zeiss T* UV 67mm, Zeiss T* UV 72mm, Zeiss T* UV 77mm, Zeiss T* UV 82mm, Zeiss T* CIR-POL 77mm, Zeiss T* CIR-POL 82mm
* Memory cards SanDisk CF EXTREME PRO 64GB, SanDisk CF EXTREME PRO 32GB, SanDisk CF 64 GB Extreme, SanDisk Extreme Pro SDXC 64GB, SanDisk Extreme Pro SDXC 32GB
* Batteries and Chargers Canon LC-E6, Canon LP-E6N, Panasonic Eneloop Pro Smart & Quick Charger, Panasonic Eneloop Pro AA
* Softwares Adobe Creative Cloud – Lightroom & Photoshop, Photo Mechanic, JPEGmini Pro
and other photographic devices and ancillary equipment.

PHOTO BOOKS AND PHOTOGRAPHS: The partners I have chosen to work with specialize in the field of photo printing and the materials used for the photo books are of the highest quality on the market. The books are 100% hand-made. The digital photos from your event together with the photo book keep your memories alive for many, many years. Options for photo printout and photographs on Kapafix for walls in any size.

If the client chooses a service, which includes a photo book, a digital project is also produced. This includes photographs of the event of your choice, as well as cover and page design customized for each client. After the design is completed, an email invitation is sent to review the album through the Cloud Proofing platform. This type of communication is reliable and flexible, facilitating changes and feedback on the album. Following your approval of the project, the photo album is submitted for printing. The time for production of the photo book after design approval is between 10 and 20 business days.

WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY: Before the long-awaited wedding day, it is important to meet the future newly-weds at a pre-arranged meeting. During this, we will discuss your ideas, how you want the day to unfold, what locations we will be shooting, coming up together with a vision for the artistic photo session, the necessary accessories and objects to be provided in advance, as well as numerous other details about the wedding, which are going to generate pleasant experiences and emotions on the big day.
Each wedding is unique with its own character and agenda but usually begins with documenting the preparations of the groom and bride, an art photo session during the wedding day with a recommended duration of one to three hours excluding the time to reach the chosen location. A civil union ceremony and/or church ritual, welcome drink, official photographs with the guests and finally a party at a restaurant. Of course, the wedding day can unfold quite differently and I expect you to share ideas to make your wedding story unforgettable.

Subsequent processing of the images includes selection, editing of all shots. The whole process is carried out and managed exclusively by the photographer. The number of pictures varies depending on the event, its complexity, workload, etc. The number of images given to the client is limited, numbering on average 50-80 photographs/hour. The photographs are handed over to the client via email using a Digital download delivery link in JPEG format, in two variants – Print (high resolution) and Internet (low resolution for social media). The links are active for three (3) calendar months.
The client has the option of purchasing a luxurious customized DVD box or USB Flash Drive.
The time for performance of the photography services and handover of wedding photos is up to five (5) weeks.

Wedding photography packages include an assistant and personal transport within the city of Sofia.
For events outside the city of Sofia, transport expenses are paid by the client.
For weddings lasting more than 10 hours and distances greater than 130 km or an hour and a half away from Sofia, the client pays for accommodation (usually between 60 and 80 BGN per night) unless such is provided on location. For wedding locations further away from Sofia, a second night stay is required before the wedding day. You can make an inquiry through the Contacts section regarding a specific location.
During the wedding day, there is usually an assistant with me, helping me with the lighting, equipment and all other activities.

Luxurious photo album – leather cover with custom design and hard pages (choice of materials such as matte, silk, gloss, metallic) 30×30 cm with 30 pages. Options for other album sizes as well as additional pages.

Engagement or post-wedding artistic photo session (Love Story) for up to 3 hours. Preselected location and booked date.

I offer wedding photography on the whole territory of Bulgaria and Europe. My style is complex, a combination of reporting style and modern artistic photography. I respect the opinions and ideas of clients related to the photographs but I do not take any pictures which contradict my concepts about wedding photography and my style.

The photographer reserves his right not the provide all taken photographs of the event in view of the quality of the images – unfocused photographs, bad exposures, test shots during setup, etc. Part of the photographer’s job is to select images before post-processing.

The client is obligated to:
-Notify the photographer of any changes related to locations, date and time of shooting in writing no later than 7 (seven) days prior to the event.
-To provide permissions for taking photographs in public areas during the wedding day (church, wedding ritual hall, restaurant, etc.).
-To provide food and non-alcoholic beverages for the photographic team on the day of the event with a duration of the wedding party of 10 (ten) hours or more.
-To provide a suitable place in the restaurant where the photographic team can leave their technique and have good visibility and easy access to the newlyweds’ table and the dance floor.
-To guarantee the exclusivity of the official wedding photographer, in order to accurately and fully coverage of the event.

The Client is entitled to:
-To use the photos from an event / photo session for the purpose for which they were ordered – for personal needs, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
-To take out on paper unlimited copies (printouts) of the provided digital images for personal use in any chosen format.
-To share and use the photos of his event / photo session on social networks for non-commercial purpose.

Payments are made via bank transfer. The photography services and date booking for the wedding event are paid in advance to the amount of BGN 300.
The advance payment cannot be used for another date by the client in case of a change in the wedding event.
The advance payment is non-refundable in case of cancellation of the photography services.
The final payment – after the wedding event, is made within three (3) business days via bank transfer.
Individual author’s editing of all filmed and selected photographs begins upon payment of the entire amount due from the chosen wedding package.

ENGAGEMENT OR POST-WEDDING PHOTO SESSION (LOVE STORY): Photo session photographs are often taken in parks (in natural environment) or in an urban surrounding. A location is chosen together with the client, which can also be unconventional or simply your favorite special place. The images may be used for photo books, photo walls, wedding invitations and wedding websites, etc.

ADDITIONAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY: You can book an additional second wedding photo session on a day, when you will not have to worry about a schedule, other people or damaging the wedding dress or suit. A day when you will be calm and in a good mood, ready for adventure, crazy photos and new emotions. Together, we can come up with interesting and attractive locations with short or long duration of photographing. You can contact me to share your ideas.

LOVE STORY: offers photo session of a favorite spot, natural light photography in the Sofia area. Film look or Modern vision of the images. When Engagement or Post-wedding artistic photo session (Love Story) services are selected outside Sofia, you can submit an inquiry through the Contacts section to get an individual offer.

EVENTS OUTSIDE BULGARIA: For wedding celebrations, photo sessions or events outside Bulgaria, please, submit an inquiry through the Contacts section. Clients, who want to arrange a photo shoot for an event, celebration, photo session, etc. outside of Sofia, can contact me so that I can prepare the best possible offer. The offer will take into consideration numerous factors such as work load and availability according to my schedule, distance to the event from the area where the photographer is based, duration and time of the photo shoot, complexity of performance, etc.

PRICES: Invoices are issued for all photography services by Lubomir Jiponov Photography and payments are made via bank transfer.

IMPORTANT: I reserve my right to use photographs I have taken at weddings, photo sessions, events, etc. for advertising purposes: updates and upgrades of my website, as well as on social media, photo competitions, portfolio. According to copyright law, the photographer retains ownership over the images. Digital images taken by me, which are handed over to the client are intended solely and exclusively for personal use, unless agreed otherwise. The photographs cannot be used by the client for commercial purposes.
If the client (or its suppliers, contractors, third parties from an event or photo session) wants to use the photographs to participate in competitions, advertising, in media, business sites and social networks, etc., they need to obtain written permission from the photographer on a case-by-case basis and the author of the photograph must be explicitly specified.

Generally, I am willing not to publish the photographs from a given event, if the client asks for privacy and confidentiality. Such a condition needs to be agreed during the preliminary talks and meetings before the event itself but I reserve the right at my own discretion to accept or refuse such commitments.
If the client has conditions and/or requirements for a particular event – they must be expressed during the preliminary talks and meetings in order to avoid any future problems and misunderstandings.

GIFT VOUCHER: Your friend or relative has a birthday? You want to surprise pleasantly your partner with a photo session? You are the bride’s father and want to make a gift to the newly-weds by paying for the photography services during the wedding? – GIFT VOUCHER for a selected photography service is a great idea to surprise your loved ones. This is an unusual gift which leaves pleasant memories and captures beautiful moments. The gift voucher can be for a photo session (in nature or an urban architectural environment) or for an event – new family, child, pregnancy, couple, prom photography, birthday party, wedding celebration, individual session, etc. Surprise your loved one with a stylish gift with special compliments by contacting me through the Contacts section.
Terms and conditions applicable to vouchers:
1. The voucher can be used for photography services (photo session or event) by Lubomir Jiponov Photography Ltd.
2. The voucher can be used once.
3. The voucher is valid for 1 (one) year as of the date of its purchase via bank transfer. The end date of validity of the voucher is specified under the field Expiry Date. Lubomir Jiponov Photography Ltd. will not replace the voucher in case of loss or damage.
4. The voucher cannot be returned or refunded and any remaining amounts are non-refundable.
5. Lubomir Jiponov Photography Ltd. reserves its right to change these terms of use at any time.
6. The recipient of the voucher has to contact the photographer in order to arrange a date and time for the event or photo session.
7. The images are received within five (5) weeks of the date of the photo session/event in JPEG format. They are sent to an email specified by the service recipient via a download link.
8. The price of the voucher is determined by the type of photography services, duration, etc.

WEDDING SLIDESHOW: The wedding slide show in Beat-Matching mode is a short video with music and photographs of the wedding/photo session (engagement, post-wedding – Love Story). The photographer selects the images and music for the slide show. The slide show is intended solely for personal use by the client. The slide show cannot be used by the client for commercial purposes.
A nice extra and a budget option for newly-weds in case they do not want video recording of their wedding. The photographs in the slides follow the rhythm of music in Beat-Matching mode. Technical characteristics of the slide show (video): Full HD 1080p 30fps 16:9 MP4 + 4K Ultra HD 30fps 16:9 MP4.


How long does processing and hand over of event photographs take? – Up to five (5) weeks.

What will be the format of the photographs I receive? – High resolution JPEG format suitable for printing and low resolution JPEG format for social media.

What does “unlimited number of images” mean? – This means there is no way to know in advance how many photographs will be taken during the event. On average there can be between 50-80 photographs/hour.

How long will the links with photographs sent via email remain active? – Three (3) calendar months. You need to download and save the photographs on your computer/device.

Do you offer video recording services? – No, I do not. I specialize in the field of wedding and portrait photography, but of course I also take pictures at other events and occasions in people’s lives. However, I have video maker colleagues and if a client is interested, I can ask about their availability for a specific date.

How many photographs do I have to choose for the photo book? – There are no limitations; usually it is between 70 and 200 photographs (200+). At the preliminary meeting or talk, I will explain all necessary details about the photo book and its production.

Can we give you photographs by another photographer for you to design and produce a photo album? – No. I am sorry, but I only use my own images for work due to the specialized processing of the files.

Why are images sent in two versions? – Due to the specifics of the end-user’s devices for viewing/ printing photographs. If you upload original size photographs (printable) to social media, probably their quality will be reduced significantly and these may appear blurry and out-of-focus. For this reason, the original size is optimized and reduced to the recommended web resolution in order to appear sharp and focused just like the high resolution printable version on paper or desktop screen.

Can we book an Engagement/Post-wedding photo session with you even though we have/had another photographer for the wedding? – Yes, of course, you can contact me so I can prepare an individual offer and to discuss the details.

We lost the photos from the event / photo shoot, can you provide them again? – Yes I can. Up to 2 (two) years after the date of your event, the restoration of the photos in case of loss is free of charge and I send them via email. When the photographs were taken more than 2 (two) years ago, the cost of restoring the backup of the archive in this case is BGN 85, regardless of the type of photographic service.

Do you have discounts on wedding packages? – Yes. If you pay the full price for the photographic package Standard (+ Premium services) when booking a date – you get a 10% discount on the package.
You also get a special exclusive discount as “Lifetime 10%” Loyalty Clients for each of my photography services from here on (events and photo sessions).

We want full privacy of the photos from our wedding event, is that possible? – Yes, it is possible. We need to discuss in advance the conditions and prices for the photo shoot in this case.

What is “Retouch of selected photographs”? – Selected processed photos from the whole gallery: most often these are photographs from the bride’s preparation, the groom’s preparation, the artistic photo session on the wedding day, other shots. Light, fine retouches on the bride’s face (does NOT include retouch that change the shape, volume, structure of the head and body). This type of processing may also include deleting, adding, masking, photo manipulation of photo elements and / or integrating parts of other photographs.
The whole process is carried out and controlled only by the photographer.

Options for photograph printout, photographs on Kapafix and photo books with all photography services.
Choice of materials – matte, silk, gloss, metallic and premium leather covers of photo albums.
The time for performance of orders and the end price are only approximate and may vary depending on the work load of the photographer, the duration of the event, the location, complexity of performance, etc.
P.S.: Please, use the CONTACTS section to get in touch with me for an individual offer for your event or photography services.
Thank you!

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RP: Lubomir Margaritov Jiponov


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